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Apostille for Photocopies

SAME-DAY Process!

TGM Global Inc. provides SAME-DAY expedite Apostille Service for photocopies of original documents. Apostille or Certification can be issued by the Secretary of State on photocopies regardless of the state and the country where the documents were issued, however, we strongly recommend confirming with the corresponding foreign authority or foreign party that will receive your document, that they will accept a copy of your documents that will have an original seal and signature of a notary, an original County Clerk Authentication and an original Apostille attached.


What we will do:


  • After we receive your scanned copies, we will prepare an original Notarized Affidavit for your document

  • Take it to the County Clerk’s Office to obtain County Clerk Notary Authentication

  • Present the certified document to the New York State Department of State for an Apostille

  • We will ship the original Apostille via FedEx to the provided shipping address

  • Upon request, we will email you the scanned copy of the ready Apostille


Simple steps to place your order for Same-Day Apostille Service:


1. Place your order Online

Fill in the Order Form Online Or Email us the Order Form along with the scanned copy of the document at


2. Complete the Payment 


3. Receive your ready Apostille!


*Please place your order before 11:00 am Eastern Time to qualify for same-day expedited Apostille service.



This service is for you if:


  • You cannot present your original documents

  • You need your ready Apostille to be returned to the address outside the United States *Please note Secretaries of States commonly do not ship documents overseas

  • You want your Apostille to be mailed to a third party and would like to have a scanned copy of the original

  • Your case needs instant attention / You need your Apostille urgently!

  • You don’t have the ability to travel to the Secretary of State’s Office in person to present your document

  • You are unable to provide the Secretary of State with a U.S. check or money order in U.S. Dollars to pay the government fees

Complementary Document Review

Unsure of the usability of your documentation? Curious if original document or photocopy services are right for you? Upload your document today and we will let you know how we can help!

Upload PDF File

Thank you for your submission. 

We will contact you once your document has been reviewed. 


Contact Us Today so that we can find a customized solution to your needs.

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